Video: Weight-Limit Surcharges

If you’re planning to fly these days, seems there are fees around every corner. One that’s caught the attention of travelers is the passenger weight-limit surcharge. I blogged extensively about it in this post. Now there’s a YouTube video that covers the “fine print” as well. It’s definitely worth watching if you or anyone in you group is 275 pounds (125 kilos) or heavier:

This fee has been around for years. It’s just recently getting a lot of attention from travelers. I suspect it has to do with the economy. Most hate it, and I totally see where you are coming from.

However, unlike commercial airline companies that nickel and dime you on everything from seats to baggage, this fee is, in my opinion, within reason.

How so?

First, helicopters only hold six passengers plus the pilot. So space is at a premium. More importantly, helicopters have a max weight load, and they must distribute that load evenly in order to get airborne.

Making the situation more complex is that air tour companies are now letting folks purchase front seats.

I don’t recommend fibbing about your weight when booking online. I know nobody’s looking over your shoulder when you do it, but in the end there’s a weigh-in a check-in and that’s where final weight is determined.

If you’re over by a pound/kilo or two, good luck. I’m not hearing a lot of success stories of companies turning a blind eye to this. However, I do believe it’s worth arguing your case in person. I’ve heard of one guy who successfully blamed his “borderline” pounds the prior-night’s buffet. Really gets down to the luck of the draw.

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